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Biodegradable Paper Cups

Scyphus is going 100% Bio in 2018, and would encourage our customers to opt for PLA coated biodegradable paper cups. These Compostable Cups are not only your contribution to a landfill reducing clean environment, it also adds to the trust to your brand image.

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A List of Printed Paper Cup Products

Biodegradable Paper Cups, Bio Cups

Biodegradable Paper Cups

All the currently available products are going to be available with 100% Biodegradable PLA or Bio plastic Coating in place of the standard PE Coating. Send us an E-Mail query for Bio cups

  • Single Wall

    Paper Cups
    Single Wall Paper Cups are suitable for all hot and cold drinks.
    They are available fully printed with your own cup design or designed by our in-house design team to your specification.
    Branded paper cups effectively build and promote your brand in the marketplace, increase your sales, and results in better brand image and customer engagement.
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  • Double Wall

    Paper Cups
    Double wall paper cups are available in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz volumes. Since double wall cups give a high insulation resistance against hot liquids, there is no need for a loose sleeve. Double wall cups are ideal for hot drinks.
    Sip lids are available for this product.
    See our catalogue for further information and sizes.
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  • Ice Cream

    Ice Cream Cups are manufactured from minimum 265 gsm single wall paper board which provides a very good strong cup, ideal for freezing,
    keeping your ice cream fresh and yet unfrosted. They are ideal for holding ice cream, frozen desserts,
    ice cream snacks, yogurts and slush type drinks.
    Available in 3, 5, 8oz sizes.
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  • Food Buckets

    or Popcorn Buckets
    Food Bucket Cups are manufactured from thick 300 gsm board papers, polyethylene ( PE ) coated single walled, best used for serving popcorn, chicken nuggets, chicken wings and similar dry snacks.
    Food Buckets are popularly known as Popcorn Buckets. Read More
  • Soup Cups

    and Pasta Pots
    Soup Cups are manufactured from thick 300 gsm board papers, double walled for better insulation for hot foods like pasta soup, sauces and porridges.
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  • Popcorn Boxes

    and Pots
    Popcorn boxes are very popular and are available in any custom size required.
    Popcorn boxes are the most sought for option in popcorn delivery during events and in theaters.
    Popcorn Boxes are available in any custom size you desire
    Paperboard used is food grade with food grade polyethylene(PE) lamination.
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  • Vending Cups

    for Vending Machines
    Vending Paper Cups are available both as Single Wall Paper Cups and Double Wall Paper Cups.
    PE Coated, vending machine specific sizes available in white, coloured or printed with the vendor or sponsor brand logo.
    Vending Cups are a wonderful promotional tool for branded cold and hot drinks.
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  • Deli Cups

    for Deli Stores
    Although all our custom printed cups, branded to your company identity, are always available for deli stores across Europe, we do have a range of stock cups that are easy to order and do not require any customization.
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  • Cup Sleeves

    for Single Wall hot cups
    Paper Cup Sleeves are ideal for both Paper and PET Cups, especially required as an additional layer of insulation when you are serving a piping hot drink in a single wall paper cup. Cup sleeves are designed to perfectly wrap around your cup and give you a comfortable hold while you enjoy your drink or food.
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  • Coupon Cups

    Double Wall Cups
    Coupon Cups are popular in the B2C marketing industry. They are analogous to prizes and tickets distributed by Cola companies as hidden prints on the reverse side of the printed plastic sleeves on their PET bottles.
    We create a peel off section on your Double Wall Cup that can reveal a printed coupon, prize or ticket or anything that can be printed on either side of the outer wall.
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  • Colouring Cups

    for Children
    Colour Me Cups are stock printed paper cups with objects or animal line drawings for children to color and bring to life. These are a wonderful engagement tool, and if you are looking for 100% brand engagement while receiving 100% customer loyalty and gratitude in one solution. Go for a branded color me cup, the children would love them and would probably take them home.
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  • Sip Through Lids

    80mm/90mm lids
    Our sip through lids are made of top quality PS materials and are strong, sturdy and long lasting.
    Made of highest quality PE material, and made to fit perfectly with our range of cups.
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  • 80mm/90mm Dome Lids

    for Ice Cream Cups
    Our dome lids are made of top quality PS materials and are strong, sturdy and long lasting.
    Made of highest quality PE material, and made to fit perfectly with our range of cups.  
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  • Coasters

    for your table top
    Coasters are a powerful method for retaining dampness and in addition a method for advertising.We produce stock coasters,highly customisable bespoke coasters in several varieties of disposable paper materials in an affordable cost.
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  • Napkins

    for your table top
    Bespoke printed paper napkins are an affordable and attractive approach to promote your business!Be it for dinner,party,restaurant,spa etc.we have a wide range of bespoke and stocked paper napkin options to fit your needs and advance your image.
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