100% UK Branded Coffee Cups



Lithographic Printing Process

We print all our printed paper cups using high a quality Lithographic press, it will print thousands of copies of the same item, in one production run. Our lithography press can print on both sides of paper cup stock and relies on four basic colours; yellow, cyan (a greenish-blue color), magenta (a purplish-red color) and black, which is known as the CMYK Printing process in printing technology circles.



All our inks are food safe.

The printing plate has the image of the content to be printed, in relief, on its surface. This slightly raised impression is important for the inks to be attracted to the printable surface only.

The printing plate is dampened and ink is applied to the plate, ink is repelled from the non-image areas.

Thw rotating printing cylinder then transfers the ink to the rubber blanket cylinder.

The ink, now on the rubber blanket cylinder, is pressed onto the cup stock as it is pulled through the machine. (The paper is trapped between the blanket cylinder and the impression cylinder - these pull the paper through the machine)

Our cup printing machines does this on the Repro Machine by a process called CPT, which stands for Computer to plate technology, where a computer send the image to a laser, which in turn produces the image on the plate for each colour required.

If different colours are needed for the final print the cup stock paper travels through the press to each station where a different color is applied to the paper. This is done until your printed paper cup is printed in all its vibrant colors.

The printed sheets are then left to dry, then die cut, after which they are transferred to the production machine hall, where they are formed into the printed paper cups that you see everyday.