100% UK Branded Coffee Cups

Transparent Dome Lids for Ice Cream Pots

Transparent Dome Lids are available for 5oz and 8oz Ice Cream Pots. Made of high quality food grade PE, these lids are a hot favourite with our 5oz and 8oz ice cream cups.

With these lids, the larger ice cream pots are seeing a range of different use in beauty salons and deli stores too these days, they are being used to store wax in salons where as the Deli Stores are using these cups for selling sea foods. With the lids on these ice cream cups are a good storage type cup alternative for the larger pasta pots, when the requirement of size is smaller than the standard pasta pot.

The Ice Cream Cups with the Dome Lids on are Single Wall Paper Cups or rather all Scyphus Paper Cups are available fully printed with your own cup design or designed by our in-house design team to your specification, and looks ravishingly beautiful and branded when used with the clear dome lids.

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Note that Dome Lids are available for 5oz and 8oz ice cream tube only, for the smaller 3oz ice cream tub, look for our Flat Lid Product.


Made of highest quality PE material, and made to fit perfectly with our range of cups.


No spill beverage serving, protects both customers and staff from potential hot beverage injury.


Suggested Packaging

Hot and Cold Coffee and other Soft/Cold Drinks. For ice cream cup lids, take a look at our range of transparent dome lids for ice cream pots and flat lids of all sizes.