100% UK Branded Coffee Cups

Single Wall Paper Cups

Single Wall Paper Cups are suitable for all hot and cold drinks. But Single Wall Cups are more popularly used as Cold Cups. When used as hot cups, they are used with Cup Sleeves to add insulation.

Single Wall PE Coated Paper Cups can provide insulation for your hands for warm drinks, but for very hot drinks the recommended cup is our PE Coated Double Wall Paper Cups.

Single Wall Paper Cups or rather all Scyphus Paper Cups are available fully printed with your own cup design or designed by our in-house design team to your specification.

Branded paper cups effectively build and promote your brand in the marketplace, increase your sales, and results in better brand image and customer engagement.
For even better brand customer engagement take a look at our responsive marketing tools for a better idea.

Single wall cups are available in 4, 8, 12, 16oz sizes, lids available.
See our catalogue for further information and sizes.



Full Colour Print.
Food Safe Inks.
Can be custom printed up to 8 colours.
Paperboard used is food grade with food grade polyethylene(PE) lamination.
Minimum 300 gsm boards used.
Unlimited design options.
provide your own design or we design for you.
Minimum order 1000 cups for 8, 12, 16oz
4oz Espresso cups from 3000



Single Wall Cups provide an excellent space for promoting your brand. More suitable for cold drinks although hot drinks are also served in single walled cups.
The PE coating and the thick high quality board used provides excellent insulation but for better heat insulation if you are serving very hot drinks, you might require cup sleeves or go for Double Wall Cups.The cups are environment friendly and recyclable.


Suggested Packaging

 Single Wall Paper Cups are most suitable to serve, all types of cold beverages, but can be used for Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Cold Drinks, Espresso, Tea, Mocha, Milkshakes.