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Nepal Earthquake and World Response


On April 25 Tuesday a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal killing 8000 thousand and injuring more than 19000 people. The quake and its after shocks almost destroyed Nepal, forcing people to stay outdoor in the open in fear of another quake or tumbling buildings that are already too damaged to be habitable again, old and young alike are forced to face the chilly nights and lack of safe food and water for days now.

This was one of the wost tragic event that Nepal had faced for over 70 years. Nepal is a mountainous country that borders India, China and Bangladesh. The quake was felt by its neighbours although not in serious scale like in its backyard. The quake created a catastrophic humanitarian cricis. Then as if it was not already painful enough for the people, on May 12th while the country was still dealing with the effect of the quake, another earthquake struck,killing around 65 people and injuring many.

Since the day of disaster many families have not been able to locate the loved ones,many Nepali's decided to camp at fields fearing the quake's after shocks which are believed to be dangerous and capable of causing major problems. The rescue missions had great difficulty in accessing people who lived in deep rural area's since roads had been swept by landslides, rendering them totally impassable and only helicopters could access these remote villages where who knows how many people are trapped even to this day . Most rescue equipment were provided by well wishers, countries from all over the globe and specially the neighbours, since the Nepal Government was not in a position to challenge such a disaster.

Mountaineers who majority were foreigners were affected by the earthquake, it is believed that more than 17 of them lost their lives. The rescue operation at the mount Everest was complicated by the fact that only small helicopters could fly over and land on the Base Camp. The quake triggered avalanche on mount Everest trapping climbers and destroying camps that were located on its slopes. This destroyed the main route to the mountain and made it impassable by foot.

What is heart warming and reinforces humanity is the fact that despite being air lifted to safety, not all climbers agreed to abandon their mission after the quake some remained and monitor the situation before deciding, and most importantly many stayed back to help in rescue and support.

Help from neighbours and international community.

Nepal received a lot of help after the news was received and the first to arrive was its neighbouring countries which are India, china and Bangladesh. China through its mission known as international rescue team deployed to come and help in the rescue mission with them was special dogs that had been trained for mission such as this one. On top of this china premier pledged 3.3 million dollars in form of humanitarian relief also they brought with them emergency shelters and power generators which was of great help since electricity distribution had been destroyed.

Its neighbour India was the first to arrive to the country. They initiated mission known as operation maitiri with its army personal from national disaster force, leading the mission which brought with them food, tents, blankets and water. With help of helicopters.

Pakistan was able to sent mobile bed and some medicine and water, blankets. Israel hired two Boeing to carry 260 team of rescuers, doctors and medical equipment. Japan offered relief supplies and prove search and rescue team to team up with other rescuers on the ground. And through its Japan international cooperation agency (JICA). Others countries from Asia that contributed food, medical equipment and personal include Malaysia, Singapore, kingdom of Bhutan, Sri lanka and united Arab emirates.

From Europe countries Britain government pledge to give 3million pound and another 2million pound through red cross also many of Britain non governmental organization was involved in the mission. Another country in Europe Norway promised to release 3.8 million dollars, Germany France and many European government contributed money, personal or medical supplies.

Australia offered aid valued at 3.9 million dollars from government directly and other cash which promised to channel them through non governmental agencies. Russia through its foreign aid agency managed to sent personal and money. And united state provided millions of dollars and also sent some of its military personal to help in transportation of the relief food and disaster response equipment. United reported that it had lost contact with one of its helicopter which was involved in search mission when second quake struck.

Individual and organization who contributed towards Nepal earthquake relief. Many people and organization felt sorry with Nepali's people after the news of the earthquake disaster was reported. Many people started donating either personally or through groups, organization.Footballer star Christiano Ronaldo his believed to have contributed 5 million to the charity group save a child which was providing water and food in Nepal.

Google and Facebook team deployed some apps that was used by Nepali's to locate their loved once. This apps were of great help since many found their loved once and they help the relief team to locate those who need its services. facebook promised to match every dollar that will be contributed through its side that will be donated to Nepal to provide essential services.

The impact Earthquake to the Nepal economy.The two earthquake that occurred in Nepal has damaged the economy of this small mountaineers country. Remember Haiti economy is still feeling the effect of the same disaster that struck that country many years ago. According to experts it will take many years for Nepal to recover fully from this catastrophic. Nepal biggest revenue comes from tourist who visit mount Everest and its going to be slow recovery. Imagine if big economy such as Japan that had earthquake that triggered tsunami has not managed to recover even after spending billions of dollars since then what of Nepal which is rated as among poorest countries. Its upon international institution such as world bank, IMF and even Asia development bank to guide this country on best ways to achieve first recovery.The quake managed to disrupt major supply lines such as, water and sewerage line. Power line, roads airport and railways which have taken many years to build. Also Nepal insurance will the one to feel the effect this sector will not manage to recover such scale of distraction.

The relief effort that was provided to the Nepali's people was special, no other day as the world ever been seen uniting for humanitarian course. The activity was not left to the obvious countries that are known for their humanitarian activities. Nepal earthquake received relief aid from all corners of this earth. From government, non government, religious organization, companies or firms to individuals rallied to this noble cause.


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