100% UK Branded Coffee Cups



Agents and distributors have played a big role in helping us expand our paper cup company, increase our sales and developing our network.

We know that they're vital to the progress of our paper cup company as we try to venture into newer fields and aim towards faster growth.

This is why we have a special focus on offering a better level of service and incentives for our distributors to further enrich the relationship. Our printed paper cups are of that highest quality that often changes the entire brand image of your company for the positive. Brand your paper cups to suit your taste, make your customers retain a positive image of you in their mind by using these finest quality printed cups that only top brands are known to use, that too only to promote the brand of the drink they are selling in that cup.

100% UK

Do not forget that we are a uk paper cup company that manufactures cups, and do not get you order printed from a paper cup company in China instead. You do not need an agent, you need a real paper cup company.

Printed Paper Cups is the perfect match for agents and distributors who want to offer their clients premium quality, top line packaging products but are incapable due to the lack of necessary production facilities.

100% UK

And as with all our other printed paper cup services and products, we offer special incentives for long term, wholesale clients such as discounted wholesale rates, quick delivery and different options such as special, standard and economy while the focus of our paper cup company always remains on the superior product standards.