100% UK Branded Coffee Cups


At Scyphus, we never stop, nothing is absolute here, we have one of the best plants for manufacturing paper cups, yet we keep upgrading. We have upgraded to even faster, higher quality paper cup machines very recently.
We have upgraded all our machines and imported new machines with much higher automated paper cup forming capabilities to match with the demand. We have always been innovative and have again updated all our cup molds for better, stronger cups.
We have been designing new deli cups that would soon get into production and our deli cups and stock paper cups store will be online very soon.
With the import of four new high speed, high precision top end paper cup machines, we have increased our plants output by 200% and as a result our express delivery guarantee would be even faster soon.
For the new visitor, yes we indeed are an European Quality paper cup manufacturer based out of Northamptonshire, UK. We do not import cheap cups from China, we manufacture them, paper cups, here in UK, for our pan European customer base.