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Scyphus is going 100% Bio in 2018, and would encourage our customers to opt for PLA coated biodegradable paper cups. These Compostable Cups are not only your contribution to a landfill reducing clean environment, it also adds to the trust to your brand image.

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Printed Paper Cup has experienced a rapid expansion in the renting of popcorn machines for events.

Printed Paper Cups - Popcorn BoxesPrinted Paper Cups is a UK based manufacturer of printed paper cups, and personalised pop corn boxes. It prides in being a leader in the paper cups manufacturing industry. Specialising in the branding of these cups, you can get custom made ones with your logo on them.

Printed Paper Cups has decided to expand its services not only to the end consumer, but also to the organizations holding trade fairs and exhibition circuits. As you can see, this service is targeted at creating a satisfying consumer experience. You don’t need to purchase a pop corn machine, which you are only going to use for let’s say one time, and then have no use for it. This service is available virtually everywhere and it will greatly assist those: showcasing in trade shows, managing events, and the exhibitionists.

This news comes as a relief to major service providing stakeholders, the major customers of Printed Paper Cups, that they are. So far, more than 56 million branded paper cups have been manufactured. With this huge number of trusted products being circulated; it is plausible that the customers would expect some other form of service—customers usually have this bond with their product manufacturers.

That is how this idea of the service of renting popcorn machines comes in. It is true to say that with the design of efficient popcorn machines—high quality, and extra conveniences that follow them; there will be a commendable customer experience.

Printed Paper Cups - Popcorn BoxesThis means, an increased number of sales and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, an organization does not have to worry about redundant assets within their premises. Renting allows storage of the machine only during the event, and not on a full time basis if one is owned. In addition, if we compare the price of purchasing a fully functional machine, and using a rented one, the latter wins. The customer’s well being is considered financial-wise.

Over the years, since the inception of this company; there has been a marked increase in the demand for popcorn machines. This has happened partly due to the initiative taken by the company in manufacturing popcorn boxes. For those event organizers who want to attract customers and reap big from an event; renting a popcorn machine from Scyphus becomes an ideal choice. The good thing about this is that the company bundles the machine with: popping oil, popcorn kernels, and everything else. The need for procuring other items is completely useless. Scyphus gives you everything (in its all in one package).


You might be wondering how the company took this idea seriously. Firstly, there was an increased popularity in the usage of branded paper cups (coffee) and branded paper tubs for popcorn. The latter are thinner and easier to carry. For the service provider, they are easy to manage; they can be stacked without effort and they consume less space. It is correct to think that with the growing demand for popcorn tubs, then the business was okay. The situation was the direct opposite. It was impossible for the businesses to get high quality popcorn machines; which could serve their purpose well. Furthermore, there was also the problem of logistics (getting the machine from different vendors), and also the acquisition of other popcorn products.

This problem was simplified by Scyphus. All an event organizer has to do is; order branded popcorn boxes from it, and rent a popcorn machine. Everything else can also be acquired from Scyphus too. There are several implications that this extension has on the future, these are:

  • This service is not only limited to trade and exhibitions only. Mid-sized and personal event organizers can also benefit from this too. Instead of generic popcorn boxes, they can get personalized ones targeted for every event that they are managing.
  • In addition, Scyphus products are environmentally friendly. There should be no worry on negative impacts on the environment.


One of the main areas of concern for this company are in: food and beverage production, food and beverage services, catering, conventions, shows, meetings, and events. It strives to offer you the best quality and price for every product or service you purchase.


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