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Biodegradable Paper Cups

Scyphus is going 100% Bio in 2018, and would encourage our customers to opt for PLA coated biodegradable paper cups. These Compostable Cups are not only your contribution to a landfill reducing clean environment, it also adds to the trust to your brand image.

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This Festive Season, Give More Than a Product, Give a Message On A Branded Cup!

What message do you or your business want to send people?

Are you looking for an affordable way to give yourself or your business a friendlier face?

Branded paper cups are a fun and easy way to stay relevant during the changing seasons.

Whether for daily use at a cafe, for a special event, or for an upcoming holiday, you can find a festive design to delight your guests and bring in the holiday spirit. 

Keep In Touch With Your Customers

Everyone loves a holiday. Getting time off of work or school to spend with your family and friends brings joy and excitement. By using customized printed paper cups you will be able to remind people of the upcoming holidays they get to celebrate, helping to lighten the mood and encourage a smile in everyday circumstances.

Wishing your customers and guests a merry Christmas, happy New Year, or a pleasant May Day helps to give you a more cheerful and friendly face without much effort. One of the best advantages is that you are just re-decorating something you already use for your business or events. Let these paper cups give out the message that you want to say to everyone without making your lose your voice!

For Every Event If you cater for events, you know that corporate functions or weddings require classier appeal than everyday business. Dress up paper with an elegant and relevant design for that business Christmas party this year. Wish the couple all the happiness you can from the side of the punch cups or soup cups. Find a stylish and festive design for your printed paper cups no matter what the occasion may be.

A Festive Design For All Holidays

Creating a pleasant and appealing atmosphere is very important in the food industry. Any owner knows that even if you have the best food around town, without a good atmosphere it can be hard to bring people back. Giving a bit of a festive flair to your cafe can help you make your business stand out. Pick and choose what you want to say for any upcoming holidays, with the addition of your brand name, and have a great design for any time of the year. Here are a few major holiday ideas:


Show some fun with a collage of ghouls and monsters or share a scary story for the younger folks. Witches on brooms, black cats, and skeletons are such recognizable symbols for the holiday that it will be immediately clear you are decorating and celebrating with your audience. If you're not into monsters or dressing up in costumes, say a simple "happy Halloween" on the cup with a fall theme of pumpkins or the brightly changing leaves.


With so much joy associated with one holiday, it's hard to decided whether to go with the fun, the classy, the heart-warming, or any other festive designs. Spread the Christmas cheer with a Santa Claus focused design, bringing thoughts of the gifts we give each year. Give the elegance and the magic back to the holiday with a beautiful snowy scene or a design with the simple Christmas colors and decorations. Touch your customers' hearts with a short message or story about the holiday to take them to pleasant memories of their own. Another way to usher in the spirit of the season is to promote giving to a Christmas charity of your choice with a description of what they do as well as an explanation of how to give.

-New Years:

The transition from Christmas to New Years is so short that you might opt to combine the two into one design. Wishing people a merry Christmas and a happy New Year all at once helps you to cover both holidays with one unique design. Alternatively, you can create a fun and festive design for the New Year by itself. Whether you show off a fireworks display, crazy party favors, or any other designs, you're sure to get the point across that you are excited for another year! You can create a more personal and interactive design that incorporates a fill-in New Year's resolution list for your customers or you can stick to giving them a happy wish and your highest hopes for their upcoming year.

What's Available?

Printed paper cups aren't limited to those that we drink liquids from. There are many different varieties of cups that are used for different food and drink items, all of which can be customized to your desired designs. To give you a better perspective, here's a few of the different types of cups:

- Drinking Cups. This includes not just the basic water or soda cups, but also those for hot coffees and teas. As you'll be using a lot of these, put your best foot forward and give a smile to someone today with a festive design.
- Ice Cream Cups . If you serve a sweet treat, you can send an even sweeter message to your customers by branding your paper ice cream cups.
- Soup Cups . A hot cup of soup may warm the body, but a kind thought and a happy wish can help to warm the heart.
- Food Buckets . Whatever you put in these, be it popcorn or chicken, give your customers a pleasant picture to look at while they snack away at your delicious foods.
- Cup Sleeves . An alternative to replacing your normal cups could be to add a festive sleeve to your hot and cold drinks this season. This allows you to continue purchasing your basic cups while still giving off the holiday greeting or happy wish you would want to say to your customers.

Promote Yourself Or Your Business

Remember that these cups won't just stay within your boundaries, they will likely travel with the people that purchase your food and drink items. Because of this, these printed paper cups can be a great advertising tool for your cafe or business. By creating an eye-catching or unique design on your cups, you will attract people's attention to your product. When they see your brand, they may even become hungry for what their friends just had as well!

Celebrate with people every day! No matter the occasion, it's important to put your best foot forward. You already know how good they are, so give your foods and drinks the best look you can by ordering your own custom cups today.


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