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Scyphus is going 100% Bio in 2018, and would encourage our customers to opt for PLA coated biodegradable paper cups. These Compostable Cups are not only your contribution to a landfill reducing clean environment, it also adds to the trust to your brand image.

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The autumnal equinox is a few days past now, and the nights are growing longer, temperatures falling and soon autumn will give way to winter. It is from now that the beginning of the festive season can be felt, the air starts smelling different and the heart is filled with anticipation of days of revelling and celebrations ahead. This is the time when you should start planning, planning much ahead on how to make the most of the days when people spend the most and grow your cafe while at the same time making people happy.

A lot of people tend to visit coffee shops and restaurants during the festive season. But of course, they won't just go to any restaurant or coffee shop. They will simply look for the best of them all that will give them the best festive experience. 
So how do you prepare your coffee shop for the festive season? During the festive season, there is usually a lot of people visiting coffee shops, and the competition between various coffee shops is usually very high. To outdo your competitors, you should come up with fresh ideas that will attract a lot of customers to your coffee shop. 
Here are some 10 great points that you should consider when preparing your coffee shop for the festive season. 


1. Start advertising as early as possible 

Every restaurant and coffee shop will be looking forward to start advertising their holiday offers as the festive season approaches. It is important that you start promoting your coffee shop’s holiday offers as soon as possible. Ensure that the majority of the locals are aware of your holiday offers.There are various methods which you can use to advertise your holiday offers. You can use online advertising, radio advertising, newspaper Ads among many others. When you advertise early enough, people will start making early table reservations in your coffee shop. 

2. Additional staff 

First and foremost, you should hire more staff in your coffee shop to cater for the high number of customers that will be visiting your coffee shop during the festive season. It will be very disappointing if your customers’ orders are delayed. Fast and efficient customer service will be crucial during the festive season because of the high number of customers. Ensure that every employee knows his/her task well and they should do them on time. 

3. Have printed paper cups

Branding your coffee shop’s paper coffee cups is a great idea that can make your shop unique from the others. You can print your coffee shop’s logo and even the business name on your paper coffee cups. Printed paper cups will help you create your brand identity, and it will also make your customers have a great experience in your coffee shop. Keep your printed paper cups simple and easy to understand and remember. 

4. Decorate your coffee shop

To get your customers in the spirit of the festive season, you need to decorate your coffee shop appropriately. Customers should not enter your coffee shop and feel the experience just like any other day. Your coffee shop should be decorated in a way such that it reflects the festive season. You can put a Christmas tree in your shop if there is enough space and you can also play various Christmas songs. You can add some fairy lights in your shop. If you have your coffee shop’s website, you can add festive pictures and banners to make them look more appealing. 

5. Give your customers greeting cards

You can send greeting cards to your regular customers. Remember, greeting cards are not advertising cards. You should keep them very simple and brief as possible. A greeting card is one simple way to tell your customer that you are still in business. They will be aware that you are still in operation. The greeting cards can convey a simple message like “Happy Holidays."

6. Host a charity dinner in your coffee shop 

During the festive season, it is not usually about enjoying oneself, but also thinking about others out there. You can organize and host a charity dinner in your coffee shop. Invite as many people as possible and also you can advertise the charity dinner using the media. You can also invite humanitarian organizations, non-governmental organizations, and governmental organizations. By inviting people to your charity dinner, it will also act as a way of advertising your coffee shop. Through the money that will be raised through your charity dinner, help those who are needed. By doing this, your coffee shop will be recognized by a lot of people out there. 

7. Contact your previous customers

You previous customers can be of great help during the festive season. You can contact your previous customers who had once made reservations in your coffee shop. You should let them know about your offers during the festive season and offer them to make reservations in your coffee shop again. You can contact them through the email or by SMS. Let them know that they can make reservations any time in your coffee shop. 

8. Ensure that your reputation stays positive 

Customers will obviously go to shops with good reputations, won’t they? It is imperative that your reputation remains positive during the festive season. This is a time when competition is very high, and everyone is looking for the best coffee shop.Many customers may use online reviews to check your reputation. If it is negative, they will simply ignore your coffee shop and look for another one. Monitor the social mentions of your business all the time and be ready to respond quickly to any negative reviews or comments. 

9. Give your customers holiday cards 

You can send your customers holiday cards by either email or use the actual postcards. Send your holiday cards early enough for your customers to give your coffee shop the priority. Customers usually feel appreciated when they receive holiday cards. 

10. Organize one of the best parties in your coffee shop 

Who doesn’t love a good party especially during the festive season? You can host a famous local musician in your coffee shop. This will lure a lot of customers to your coffee shop. Good music is usually fun, and it is enjoyed and loved. Make sure that the party will be memorable to your customers and they will want to come back to your restaurant as soon as possible. You can also host a karaoke night at your coffee shop. There are a lot of parties which you can organize and make you customers have a lot of fun. 
These ten great ways to prepare your coffee shop for the festive season are very simple, and they will help you to be unique from others. They will make your customers have one of the best festive season memories. 


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