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Biodegradable Paper Cups

Scyphus is going 100% Bio in 2018, and would encourage our customers to opt for PLA coated biodegradable paper cups. These Compostable Cups are not only your contribution to a landfill reducing clean environment, it also adds to the trust to your brand image.

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The recycling process: collection

"we are a responsible paper cup company". At Scyphus we care about the environment, and our carbon foot print, so this is what we do As a responsible paper cup company we only buy from paper mills that are either FSC or PEFC Accredited, to ensure sustainability. Our waste management company collects our used paper and board, this is the first step in the recycling process. A paper mill usually buys its raw material from recovered paper merchants. These merchants may be owned by paper mills, or like ours are an independent firm which specialises in particular grades or which perhaps operates in a smaller geographical area.

In Europe, a small but growing number of waste paper is supplied by waste management companies, which are finding it economically advantageous to sort recovered paper for recycling. This is helping to reduce the amount of paper going for landfill.
In Europe, a small but growing number of waste paper is supplied by waste management companies, which are finding it economically advantageous to sort recovered paper for recycling. This is helping to reduce the amount of paper going for landfill.
Until recently, apart from old newspapers and magazines, most recycled paper came from industries like ours or commercial sources, because it was the easiest, cleanest and most economical to collect.


As demand for recovered paper has grown, so additional sources, such as households, need to be tapped.
The collecting system in operation must be cost-effective and efficiently organised so that the necessary volumes and qualities of recovered paper can be obtained and appropriately recycled. The paper mills that depend on recovered paper must have assurance of a regular supply, so doing our part is vitally important.
Paper for recycling is collected separately from other materials. It is important that it is kept separate from other waste as contaminated papers are not acceptable for recycling.


in our case most of our waste is virgin paper and is ideal for recycling.

The requirements of the mills must also be taken into account: a packaging manufacturer, like us can use mixed grades of recovered paper while a manufacturer of graphic paper can only use certain recovered paper grades.


The recycling process: pulping

The final production process for recycling paper is the same as the process used for paper made from virgin fibres, as the recovered paper fibres have already been used, they also have to be sorted and cleaned. For our printed paper, ink has to be removed from the recovered paper, i.e. the fibres have to be de-inked.
As a first step, recovered paper is sorted and graded before delivering to the paper mills. At the paper mill, it is 'slushed' into pulp and large non-fibrous contaminants are removed. The fibres are cleaned and the resulting pulp is filtered and screened a number of times to make it suitable for paper making.



Before the recovered paper can be used to produce certain grades of paper the printing inks have to be removed to increase the whiteness and purity. The recovered paper is first dissolved in water and separated from the non-fibre impurities.
The fibres are then cleaned in order to obtain the pulp at this point the ink is removed in a flotation process where air is blown into the solution. The ink adheres to bubbles of air and rises to the surface from where it is separated. After the ink is removed, the fibre may be bleached, usually with hydrogen peroxide.
Once all the processes are carried out the paper pulp is turned into paper and the whole process starts again.
So as you can see by Scyphus doing there bit in the recycling process its vitally important, as well as making sure our virgin paper is from sustainable resources, this keeps the sustainable & recyclable chain continually moving.
Please help us to continue in our move for the environment.
More information on our tree planting campaign Click here.


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