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Scyphus is going 100% Bio in 2018, and would encourage our customers to opt for PLA coated biodegradable paper cups. These Compostable Cups are not only your contribution to a landfill reducing clean environment, it also adds to the trust to your brand image.

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Printed Takeaway Cups and Containers

Britons have a long history of admiration for their excellent table etiquette and eating habits. However, the brilliant eating culture is fast getting replaced by takeaway meals options which Britons are quickly adapting. There are many reasons why more Britons are opting to consume their meals on-the-go rather than eating at a restaurant or hotel table. Some of the reasons include busy job schedules and new trends of convenient takeaway food containers and printed paper cups. Below are the detailed reasons why more Britons are replacing their eating behaviour on the table with takeaway meals.

Growing Number of Fast-moving or Busy Food Consumers in the United Kingdom

Tight working schedules coupled with personal or institutional need to achieve their objectives faster or earlier have forced many employees and even some employers to prefer takeaway foods. Most consumers who are avoiding sitting in restaurants to consume their meals will argue that takeaway food saves them time. It is therefore normal to see train passengers eating from a packed food container or even taking home to spend more time either alone or with their families than sitting in a hotel.

Changing Trends in Food Industry Based on Consumer Demand

The demand for takeaway food is also changing, and food industry players such as the restaurants have models with outside counters as well as the wide number of available options for cuisines. Changes are taking place in almost every segment of the food chain, and it is common to bump into people in United Kingdom cities or streets ordering poached eggs or cereals for breakfast. Food companies are also very innovative in coming up with more convenient disposable food containers and takeaway printed paper cups. People are also more comfortable with these containers which make it easier and convenient to eat on-the-go as they rush or travel to attend to their duties or responsibilities. Additionally, even for meals that were hard to carry as a takeaway are now easy to have them on-the-go, such food include soup which also has their container or printed paper cups. The takeaway trend is changing quickly such that it easy to see a restaurant outlet near subways or restaurants with high demand for takeaway foods. This changing trend is also happening in cafes and bakeries.

Healthy Foods in Takeaway Options are now available

Unlike before when mostly the junk and fast foods were the only available options for takeaway foods, today the sellers in the food industry are turning their attention to pack as more healthy foods as possible. Even the fast food centers and restaurants are doing their best to include more nutritious foods such as vegetables in their recipes in a bid to avail more options of healthy takeaway foods in their menu. A good example is a decision by one of the world’s leading food industry company called McDonalds to use new policy for broiler chicken antibiotics from 2018 to satisfy the demand for more healthy foods. Another food giant, KFC, have also announced their plans to boost availability of healthy food in their menu by proposing to add boiled chicken and raw cauliflowers in their menu.

Emerging takeaway Options for other Cuisines such as Chinese and Indian Foods

In previous years or generations, the only popular options for takeaway foods were fish and chips. However, globalisation and easy interactions with people from other parts of the world has also enabled more Britons to appreciate other recipes and foods such as the Chinese and Indian cuisines. A recent study by Paymentsense, a leading card payment provider in UK and Ireland, showed that 35% and 24% of the respondents preferred Chinese and Indian takeaway foods respectively. Another 57% respondents (more than half) in the same study preferred to get their foods through delivery. The study showed that most Britons ordered their food at least once in a week and more men than women prefer takeaway meals.

Mobile Technology Influencing More People to order Takeaway Foods

The same study by Paymentsense also showed that at least 18% of the respondents ordered their food online and according to most sources, more than half or a third of people buying online use their handset phones. Additionally, more restaurants have realized the power of mobile technology, and they have introduced innovative measures in coming up with their mobile ordering app. Restaurants owners are also introducing printed paper cups with innovative packages and solutions to encourage more consumers to order their foods. Mobile technology is making it easier for the Britons especially those who are busy or even at home to order their meals without physically moving to the point of sale. This trend is also increasing even in cooperate offices and other business premises where employees are allowed to have their takeaway meals delivered to them directly.

The Increasing trend by Britons to Eat Outside

With current job or personal demands of time in the fast-paced world, more people prefer ordering takeaway meals. It is also common for household owners whether they are family or living alone to constantly order takeaway meals and forgo traditional trends of cooking at home. More Britons are also doing away with traditional meal time-tables and preferring to eat when they are hungry which suits the need to order readily cooked and takeaway foods. Most people are also choosing to eat while working or even travelling in a bid to save more time and utilize the period they would have spent in an eatery venue to make more progress.

Multiple Factors that are Compelling Britons to consume takeaway Foods

There are many factors that are forcing more Britons to order takeaway foods besides tight schedules and lack of time. Many people or companies are keen to take less time on lunch breaks which are therefore compelling people to order takeaway meals. According to research conducted by the University of Westminster, a good number of people or about 10% consume snacks instead of meals in the United Kingdom because of different reasons.

The demand for the takeaway foods is on the rise and restaurants, and food companies are doing everything possible to accommodate this trend. More innovations are also carried out to avail more options for takeaway foods. Foods that were difficult to pack have compelled food companies to invent better and convenient printed paper cups and food containers for takeaway food lovers to consume as well. Britons are getting more comfortable and content with ordering takeaway foods, and this trend is here to stay.


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