100% UK Branded Coffee Cups

Biodegradable Paper Cups

Scyphus is going 100% Bio in 2018, and would encourage our customers to opt for PLA coated biodegradable paper cups. These Compostable Cups are not only your contribution to a landfill reducing clean environment, it also adds to the trust to your brand image.

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Want to get your message right in your customer’s face? Wrap it around their food and drink

Branded Coffee Cups

Forget spending thousands on billboards, TV and social media. The best way to promote your brand is to have your customers eating and drinking out of it. Branded paper cups, tubs and containers by Branded Paper Cups! These days, the number one priority in most people’s lives is food and drink. Whether it’s a double-shot espresso or a tub of creamy vanilla ice-cream, the modern human spends a good portion of their day clutching a container. That’s where your business comes in!
A paper cup or container isn’t just a receptacle for food and drink. It’s a mini-advertising campaign that fits right into your customer’s hand. And the business that’s putting them in customer’s hands all over the UK and Europe is Branded Paper Cups.

Why PrintedPaper Cups?

Printed Paper Cups is the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke paper cups, coasters, napkins and containers. Each one of their products provides the perfect space for promoting your brand’s logo, slogan or coupon. Best of all, the Branded Paper Cups range of containers is not only smart and classy, it’s 100% recyclable. Bespoke containers are the most effective way to develop and promote your brand. Takeaway cups and containers are unique ‘walking billboards’ that get your company right in the public eye. Your customers will be eating out of your hand!

The Style and Shape To Suit Your Brand

Printed Paper Cups offer a huge range of high-quality containers, from single- and double-walled paper cups to napkins, coasters and ice cream tubs.

The Branded Paper Cups range of paper containers is made to adhere to Food Regulation guidelines. Each product is made with food-grade paperboards and food-grade polyethylene (PE) lamination.


Each Branded Paper Cup product is printed with a design according to your specifications. Their expert team of inhouse designers create stunning, eye-catching logos and slogans that leave a lasting impression! Up to eight colours are available for custom designs, and only food-safe inks are used. The range of designs is limited only by your imagination!

The Best in Biodegradable 

Branded Paper Cups collaborates with firms such as Viridor in order to produce top-quality, cost-efficient paper cups. Only recycled paper is used in manufacturing their range of paper cups, ice cream tubs, food baskets, sip-through lids, deli cups, vending cups and a whole lot more.

Caring For the Planet

Why deny your customers their right to protect the environment? Providing biodegradable containers not only earns their respect and support, it makes your company look good! Branded Paper Cups are all about reducing their carbon footprint. As well as producing only recyclable products, they source their materials from companies that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Printed Paper Cups offer two environmentally-friendly cup options:

PE and PLA.

- PE cups are coated with EarthCoating®, a highlymineralized resin alternative to traditional polyolefin barrier coatings. Cups made with EarthCoating® are 100% recyclable and 99% biodegradable, and go through a recycling process separate to other recyclables.

- PLA cups are the 100% green solution. PLA is known as a bioplastic because it’s made from renewable resources such as corn starch. PLA is fully compostable, which means it can go straight into the recycling bin after use. 

Tried and Tested By The Big Brands

If you’ve ever been to a trade fair, chances are you’ve already sipped or slurped from a Branded Paper Cup. Their range is a favourite among US exhibitors presenting their food and drink in trade shows – and demand is growing! You’ve probably heard of US juice company Naked Juice. Naked Juice needed cups that could go straight into the composting bin, which is exactly what Branded Paper Cup’s PLA cups do. After choosing to use these PLA-lined cups for one of their trade events, Naked Juice adopted Branded Paper Cups as their manufacturer. And that’s just one of the many success stories!

The Branded Paper Cup Range: A Container For Every Occasion  

Branded Paper Cups:

- Single walled cups: No matter the season, there’s a beverage to suit! Ideal for cold or moderately hot beverages. Sipthrough lids also available.
- Double-walled cups: How many coffee-addicts do you know? With extra insulation over a poly-coated base, doublewalled cups are the obvious solution for serving coffee and other hot beverages. Sip-through lids also available.

Branded Paper Cup Sleeves:

Sleeves not only make takeaway beverages safer and more comfortable to hold, they’re an additional layer of advertising! Designed to snugly fit any paper cup, sleeves are a cost-effective solution if you already have a stock of cups.

Branded Ice Cream Containers:

The most sought-after icecream packaging! Not only are these thick paper pots and cups great for freezing, they’re an attractive way to serve frozen desserts and drinks.

Branded Takeaway Containers:

- Single-walled: Ideal for room-temperature or pre-cooked foods such as popcorn or fried chicken.

- Double-walled: The best option for hot or liquid food products such as pastas or soups. Lids also available. Branded Popcorn Containers: Nobody can resist popcorn! These cute popcorn boxes make your brand a hot topic when snacks are served up at a seminar or exhibition. Branded Coasters: As anyone who’s ever sat in a meeting or seminar will tell you, a paper coaster is a fascinating item. Branded Paper Cups range of highly-customisable coasters are versatile, convenient and right in the face of potential customers. 

Branded Napkins:

There’s no end of uses for napkins! Whether it’s a corporate event or a dinner party, you can be sure that every one of your guests will be reaching for a napkin at some point. What better way to get your company’s logo in their hands?


- Spill-proof sip-through lids are made of top-quality PE material and designed to fit every size in the Branded Paper Cups range.

- Dome lids: Designed to complement Branded Paper Cups’ range of paper cups and ice-cream containers, these classy dome lids are both attractive and essential.

Want Your Branded Cups Right Now? You Got It!

Need your order shipped ASAP? You won’t beat Branded Paper Cups! Their turnaround time starts from 24-hour shipping. Branded Paper Cups caters for all volumes of orders, from small to large. Having supplied British-quality products to Europe for the last seven years, they’re now responding to customer demand from the USA. Ask for a quote right now!



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