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Scyphus is going 100% Bio in 2018, and would encourage our customers to opt for PLA coated biodegradable paper cups. These Compostable Cups are not only your contribution to a landfill reducing clean environment, it also adds to the trust to your brand image.

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Brand Merchandising and how Printed Paper Cups and Bags can be used in brand promotion effectively

Printed Paper Cups Brand Merchandising

The modern world is defined by highly objective models of production in both daily life and business. This effectiveness is a result of the competitiveness that has ensued in all types of industries. In such a world, a lot more effort is needed if you truly want to stand out among your peers.

Among the aspects that have a huge potential to turn any business around are the fields of marketing and advertising. Today, products need to be discoverable in the market. This is why there has been a lot of interest in these two fields when it comes to research. The outcome of most researchers has shown that successful marketing campaigns lead to high sales.

Branded merchandise strategy

Branding products effectively can have many positive results for any business. A good brand is an easy sell because it attracts the attention of potential clients. In addition to that, proper packaging creates a sense of professionalism around the product and thus ignites trust among consumers. It is very important to find the right combination of visual characteristics to effectively sell a product.

The best way to demonstrate the quality of a product to consumers is by using effective visual branding techniques like quality packaging. A well-done packaging definitely manages to arouse interest to a product even when it is just lying on the shelf. This kind of strategy is what ultimately increases the visibility of products. Poor packaging on the other hand simply shows a hastily done low-quality product.

Companies rarely have a proper way of communicating with consumers directly other than through products. Precisely done company details like logos, names and brand have the ability to communicate a specific message to consumers.

A particular message is the only thing needed to turn most potential customers into actual loyal buyers. This is why the company ideals and character must be captured in the company details. The strategies used today have changed to reflect the realities of the modern world. Information is free and most people have various causes that they root for. Standing out as a company that is passionate about conservation, for instance, can resonate with many consumers and attract them to you.

Proper packaging of products encompasses many different aspects of the product as well as its parent company. It has a huge impact on the brand and the specific mission of the company in the market. Getting it right with the packaging aspect is the main attribute that sets apart a successful company from a nonstarter.

Our Job

We offer our quality services and skills to help companies get their brand visible in the market. We are highly skilled in creating branded products like paper cups, paper bags and paper napkins to all our clients. These are manufactured according to the demands of the clients in order to aid their business progression.

Everyday products like cups are a very formidable avenue of effectively carrying out a successful branded merchandise strategy. Beverages are a common product in offices, streets, at home and many other places where people go. This means that branded cups are able to circulate a company message very widely. This avenue has of late become an attractive platform for many companies. The rise of branded cups has been unprecedented and it will definitely not slow down soon. 

Another perfect avenue for brand merchandising is on paper napkins. Paper napkins are excellent for advertisement since they are found in most restaurants and other food stores. These fairly inconspicuous pieces add to the overall character of a premise and using them properly can have very admirable results when it comes to your branding strategy.

When it comes to paper bags, it is almost inevitable that there will be some sort of branding on them or else they will look bland. Paper bags are thus perfect for advertisement as most people already expect them to carry some sort of markings on them. Paper bags are flexible and can carry a variety of messages. They are also preferred by most people since they are less harmful to the environment. 

Effectiveness is the key word that defines a serious business. All aspects of a business must be properly planned and executed such that the final product is satisfactory to the customers. Professionalism and value are captured in the final product. 

Brand merchandising is quite comprehensive compared to simple advertising. It captures many different aspects of a business ranging from the character of the company all the way to the products it churns out in the market. It is the best way to promote products in new markets as well as in markets where the company is already established.

Business acumen is all about knowing the interests and expectations of your target clients. It is only through proper understanding of the market that accurate insights can be derived. Such insights can then be used to craft proper strategy. Brand merchandising is the new frontier when it comes to business success and most prominent companies are already implementing this method. The method is foolproof and has the highest success rates. 

The authenticity of a product in modern times encompasses many things. At a time when markets are full of products and their alternatives, it is important to add some originality to the whole process in order to stand out. Brand merchandising does exactly that because it manages to incorporate enough messages from the company without being overbearing to the consumer. 


There are many benefits of working with the right brand merchandising experts. You get to learn about the new trends that define the market. You also get to benefit from industry insider knowledge that helps steer your business to the right path. In addition, there is the obvious possibility of saving on operational costs and cutting long-term costs. The modern world of business is volatile and it requires you to come out with the best foot forward in order to win. Make the best moves when it comes to your company and your products and you will definitely have success. 


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