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Scyphus is going 100% Bio in 2018, and would encourage our customers to opt for PLA coated biodegradable paper cups. These Compostable Cups are not only your contribution to a landfill reducing clean environment, it also adds to the trust to your brand image.

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Help Printed Paper Cups In Supporting Medical Care For Africa

Being a Responsible Corporate

Mercy Ship Social responsibility is often a buzz word surrounding large organizations in modern days. This entails ensuring that an organization is giving something back from each of it's earning. Sometimes this implies reducing emissions from manufacturing facilities, supporting community development, and other} efforts that provide something back. Regarding Printed Paper Cups or Scyphus, a paper products manufacturer in the united kingdom, this means supporting charity. Printed Paper Cups has programs for their customers that can let them have an opportunity to aid in supporting this charity cause. They are aware of the need for helping to make a better world, and decide to do so by donating to the internationally active charity Mercy Ships.

About Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships is a not-for-profit Christian mission charity which helps coastal countries in Africa to fill in a few healthcare gaps. They own and operate a sizable cruise ship , the Africa Mercy, that have been turned into a floating, mobile infirmary from where the volunteer staff of doctors, nurses, dentists, among others will perform necessary medical procedures free of charge. This organization has been established more than 35 years ago and has created a sizable impact on the lives of numerous people and communities abroad.

Services Mercy Ships Offers

The volunteers who travel with the ship to the African locations are certified professionals of their separate medical areas.Volunteering time from their practices, they're going to carry out a large number of simple operations to enhance the lives of thousands per stop. A few of the basic services they provide are these:

  1. Eye Operations. So many people are rendered blind by easily fixable problems like cataracts. As a result of poverty conditions or insufficient access to health care , many of these people are required to accept their blindness because they have no other available choice. Probably the most common surgeries done by the Mercy Ships staff members are the reparation and restoration of sight lost to cataract clouding, an easy 20-minute operation that will forever alter the lives of the recipients.
  2. Deformity Surgery. Physical deformities may appear from birth or from early stages in life . If not treated they could be a source of great pain, reasons for that the individual to become an outcast, along with a hindrance to the affected person hoping to work for a living. Mercy Ships' staff has been able to correct or ease many physical deformities, helping give individuals who have suffered with a fighting chance at improving their lives.
  3. Obstetric Fistula Reparation. This particularly uncomfortable condition occurs as being a complication to women during birth in several poor areas. It can have very lasting consequences, often resulting in the woman being left by her husband or abandoned by her family. It's the mostly treatable condition which is often corrected through surgery.
  4. Dentistry. Cavities, periodontal disease, along with other dental problems can develop into painful mouth conditions with time  if not treated. Mercy Ships offers treatment for various dental treatments issues such as these, honestly .
  5. Community Healthcare . Alongside the procedures done, Mercy Ships looks to have a far more lasting effect on the communities where they operate through healthcare training programs and community empowerment. This consists of , but isn't restricted to, such services as instruction of local medical service providers, donation of necessary medical supplies and equipment, education about basic sanitation and looking after  health, and assisting in generating permanent medical facilities.

The Best Way To Help

Charity missions like Mercy Ships require lots of help to be able to function properly. Donation and support come from many different sources and creative programs by businesses including Printed Paper Cups. With no efforts of these companies, it would be hard to raise the|enhance the necessary funds. Similarly, without those who are willing to benefit from the support programs offered, these businesses cannot adequately give their support.

Printed Paper Cups' Support of Mercy Ships

When a purchase is made from this business , the buyer is offered the choice to donate £1.00 towards charity Mercy Ships. Nobody is forced to donate, it can be the the average person customers wish to give their support. This can be a small enough sum of money that has no impact on the customer's budget, but it can add up to large amount of money to be given towards the charity. Even though the customer might not| experience the results of their giving, every donation is really a necessary and valuable section of the whole process that will benefit many peoplei n the long run. Additionally, Printed Paper Cups will offer you a 5% discount to people who place orders with a Mercy Ships brand name and QR code on the cups purchased. This can let the consumer of the cup to look further in to the Mercy Ships charity, leading to more possible donations. Adding the logo and QR code is only going to create a minor effect on the aesthetics of the cups themselves, but can result in a major impact on the lives of thousands residing in impoverished communities around Africa. These two avenues of donation are totally optional and non-compulsory. It's entirely up to you if you should partner with Printed Paper Cups in their support of Mercy Ships.


It's the responsibility of organizations to provide something back and make a better world. Helping Printed Paper Cups to meet their responsibility is as simple as ticking a box to give £1.00 when ordering or placing the Mercy Ships brand name and QR code on the design itself. When done in combination you might not even spot the £1.00 donation because you will get the 5% discount for that brand name and QR code placement. Your contributions will go directly towards efforts of the Mercy Ships organization to combat illness and improve the standard of } life of 1000s of people who may never have otherwise had the opportunity for this care. If you select to place the logo and QR code on your cup products you might be creating a much greater impact by making your end customers aware of the cause at the same time , that they may donate if they wish to. Help Printed Paper Cups to become a responsible organization. Concurrently , you'll be helping Mercy Ships to bring restoration and reparation to thousands overseas coping with treatable health conditions.


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