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Scyphus is going 100% Bio in 2018, and would encourage our customers to opt for PLA coated biodegradable paper cups. These Compostable Cups are not only your contribution to a landfill reducing clean environment, it also adds to the trust to your brand image.

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History of Paper and Paper PAckagingThe paper that we use nowadays comes from wood. It is funny to note that sometimes back, we had rice paper and papyrus paper. This humor does not really fit within its context, it is still worth mentioning it however. In this age we are living in, there are many things that have come up. You can call them trends. There have been increased trends in environmental preservation. Paper has not been left out. In fact, it has been considered as the modern day savior of our environment from pollution.




Most manufacturers and end consumers have recently been into the idea of paper packaging.

Printed Paper CupsIt seems that for once, paper will be able to reap in benefits big time. In addition to this, there has been an ever growing market for paper packaging products, as such, the industry has been 'booming' of late. You would mostly expect that after this, the market has laid foundations for the improvement of peoples lives. This means that a majority have sources of income in which they can depend on, and also other aspects of their lives are bound to change.

I strongly believe that even you as an end consumer, who shops daily, would expect to buy products that are placed within neat and environmentally friendly paper packages. I stand to be corrected if I am wrong. You still often buy products packed in plastic, maybe the brown paper bag is just showoff? Despite a lot of hype in the use of plastic packages, which are non biodegradable by the way, they have had a negative contribution to our environment. Think of how our marine life is being affected.

If you are an activist you might come out strongly and say that, “oh! The paper industry has had an effect on our forests too”. There’s no harm in thinking like that. In fact, according to current reports, paper production industries are consuming about 40 percent of global wood. That is a lot for one industry. NUT, you should also not forget that, that same industry has put in measures which have contributed to global afforestation and reafforestation. Most countries have benefited in terms of social awareness and environmental protection.

Paper packaging products are designed with needs of the common business person and end consumer in mind. Even with the paper industries putting in pace afforestation measures; almost all paper packaging products use recycled paper. For the activist, you can put your fears aside. The paper can be recycled multiple times during production. There is no need to get fresh pulp once the first recycling process is over.

One great advantage of this process is that: the end product is a cheaper alternative to glass, plastic, wood and metal. You will be relieved to hear that the recycling process has significantly reduced forest logging. One great thing about paper is that it can be customized for any purpose. If you were wondering why I am stressing very much on paper packaging, there you got it.

Everyone in this world would like something cheaper. I am talking of the majority, most aristocrats would disagree with me. Paper packages come at a very affordable price. If you are an industry for example, you could purchase as many tons of packages as you would like. In the end your cost of production would be constant, or even less, while your units of output would steadily increase. Even for the ordinary person, paper would seem very useful. Take for instance, you are moving out of your house. The first thing to do would be placing an order for several paper cartons.

I have talked much about paper. The thing I failed to mention was its history. You may be sitting at a restaurant with a complete stranger. You would go on sharing about your problems. After several hours, you part ways without having any clue about each other’s personal history. For paper packaging it is different. You wouldn’t expect to see yourself having coffee with a paper carton.

Paper has had an interesting history. A little fast-rewind back into our human past shows that different cultures had inventive ways of ensuring development. People used paper to preserve their market items, and also for food preservation. Many people modeled paper designs which were used for carrying thing s like grocery to their homes. With all that happening, it was a task for the industries to keep up with the growing demand. I believe that any business which would want to survive in this commercial world require very large amounts of paper. This would then satisfy its needs and those of its customers.

Over time there has been a relationship between the paper package printing industry and the market. Have you ever imagined going to your favorite store and having to see products without labels? That would be very annoying. You would even lose what we call the, consumer taste. Product quality goes hand in hand with its product labels. There have been newer printing techniques which have allowed for mass labeling of paper packages of different sizes. On every paper package it is common to find these elements: an efficient design, marketing details, and a wrapping technique which stands out. This means that for every product you use; you will find unique features within its package. Think of your favorite cereal brand.

There are several effects of paper packaging in our foreseeable future. With the rise of online shopping there has been a steady increase in the product demand curve. It is likely that paper packaging will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction. Due to the assurance placed on preservation of perishable products. Paper packaging will lead to a boost in the horticulture industry.

In addition, paper packages are meant to hide the inner contents of a product and also provide protection to it. This means that due to the high level of trust from businesses, this industry is likely to expand enormously.

The USA has been a major player in the paper packaging industry. This business is in fact vital to its economy. Due to the billions in dollars generated annually, many jobs are promised, and also, it is bound to become a big economy boost.

To sum things up a bit, here is a list of one of the many paper packages in the market today:

  • Paperboard is used to package items such as milk.
  • Corrugated boxes are used to make general containers, boxed or displays.
  • Paper bags, which most people interact with on a daily basis, are mainly developed for end consumer use.
  • Lastly, paper shipping sacks are used to package materials that are in bulk. Examples are flour and cement.

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