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Scyphus is going 100% Bio in 2018, and would encourage our customers to opt for PLA coated biodegradable paper cups. These Compostable Cups are not only your contribution to a landfill reducing clean environment, it also adds to the trust to your brand image.

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Printed Paper Cups vs Perfume Box

For most of us, a coffee cup is yet another piece of porcelain, a paper coffee cup is worth even less regard, it's just an utilitarian piece of industrial produce that has helped mankind speed up the contemplating part of their daily grind into a mere sip-and-run affair.

But wait, rewind a bit and think of yourself holding a poor porous yellowing porcelain, or a pale thin malformed paper cup, and try to imagine yourself smelling your only respite from the daily grind, your beloved coffee from that dingy thing you just imagined holding. Would you like any of that? or you'd prefer a fine procelain or a fine high quality paper cup made from virgin white paper?

The answer is yes, you obviously want your paper cup to be perfect, pleasing, safe to hold and even looking as personalised and immaculate as possible, and you'd prefer coffee from a cup that compliments the coffee, just as you'd want your favourite perfume to be presented in a packaging that tries to surpass the supreme quality of the perfume itself, the packaging tells you that this is not just another product.

But do not think that packaging is a gimmick of the modern world, a stunt of the marketing managers to sell off inferior products in superior packages, else swordsmiths of the days of the knights and kings wouldn't be spending such a lot of time in adorning the hilt and the scabbard with such intricate designs and jewels, for a sword is a sword meant to kill and you wouldn't be selling inferior swords with superior designs on them!

Such is the case for coffee and tea too, else Latter Art wouldn't have existed and people wouldn't have spent so much on crockery either.

Would like to mention the tea culture too, how it was imported into England and how soon the East India Company monopolised the worlds tea trade, but that is for another article, but while we brush this subject aside, couldn't help mention the novelty value of tea and its packaging as an exotic Chinese drink named Chaa was what bowled the English aristodracy over. It was obviously the tea, but the porcelain pots and the accessories that it came packaged with in its early days was what increased its value in the English aristocratic and literary circles, and literally replaced gin as the stimulating drink of the island.


So next time you drink coffee at a takeaway try to consciously take note of the cup too, for it's the cup that plays an important role in guiding you to the subtle aroma of the coffee without subduing it with its own smell of paper and glue and ink.

Imagine what if the same coffee was poured in a cheap plastic cup or a cheap paper cup that smells of paper and glue, and you'd understand why coffee shops are constantly trying to upgrade the quality of their paper cups.

Not just quality, the entire look and feel of the cup, the design, the colours, the patterns and every word printed on the cup matters, as much as the taste of the coffee. It's not about being art house perfect, its about how much the coffee shop cares for you, how well they desire to cater to your senses. They constantly yearn to be presentable in front of you, so that you come back to them, they want to see you happy because your happiness is their business.


Coffee Shops do not take their paper cups casually, and in fact as we witness daily, most of them are no less finicky about the design and quality of the paper cups, than they are about the coffee they prepare for you, we find them never settling for even a pixel defect in the design and any manufacturing defect of the minutest proportion do not go unnoticed, and that's why they turn up to us over and over again, and we honestly try to provide them with the best design ideas, print quality and make the paper cups from the best quality virgin paper board available.

From what we have seen from our decades of experience in working closely with coffee brewers and coffee shop owners, a coffee shop owner or a coffee brewer is no less than a perfumer when it comes to their undying quest for the perfect concoction and the perfect presentation and we are sure, you enjoy their attention to detail too.

So happy caffeinating to you, and next time take some special interest in the branded paper cup in your hand too, if not already taken.


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