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Biodegradable Paper Cups

Scyphus is going 100% Bio in 2018, and would encourage our customers to opt for PLA coated biodegradable paper cups. These Compostable Cups are not only your contribution to a landfill reducing clean environment, it also adds to the trust to your brand image.

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Create a Buzz with Your Hidden Message on a Branded Paper Coupon Cup

With such a competitive atmosphere in the food and beverage industry, any small way you can make your products or offers stand out can make a huge difference. While on-container promotions and coupons are not uncommon, take it a step farther by using Printed Paper Cups' coupon cups. These are not just attached onto the cups, but they are printed into the actual design and revealed by a peel-off section. Whether advertising a special promotion, a new item, a contest, or anything else this can be a very unique way to frame the information you want to give to your customers!

More About Coupon Cups

This special printing option is available on all double wall paper cups. Double wall cups are useful for any sort of food or beverage, being specifically made to protect the user from the kind of heat and cold which would make a regular cup very uncomfortable. Here are a few of the key features about the coupon cups:

Design Variety: You won't be limited to more basic design by choosing to use coupon cups. Available in full print color and with the ability to custom print up to eight colors, you can get exactly the look you want by bringing your own design in or choosing to have Branded Paper Cups create the design for you.

Perforated, Peel-off Section: The coupon you wish to have printed will be under a section of the cup that comes perforated for easy peeling by the customer. This makes it possible for customers of all ages and abilities to take part in your promotion and enjoy the benefits of whatever you are offering or communicating.

High Quality, Food Safe Materials: The cups are made with a minimum 300 gsm boards, and all paperboard used is food grade with food grade PE (Polyethylene) lamination. All inks used for printing are food safe, so you don't have to worry about any of the materials getting in the way of your quality products and causing safety issues to the customer.

How They Can Be Used

The double wall cups used are ideal for serving hot beverages and foods, but can be used for all beverages and foods in order to gain the most benefit from the promotion, advertisement, or other information printed on them. The way you use your cups is up to you, and the options are as unlimited as your imagination and planning when you choose to order Branded Paper Cups' coupon cups. You must place an order of at least 1000 cups when using this printing option, allowing for a better price to be given to you by increasing the efficiency with which your order can be manufactured.

Advantages Gained By Using Coupon Cups

A marketer's job is made simpler when you use these coupon cups. Excitement sells itself, and contests or promotions can create that excitement. Here are a few of the advantages you can gain if you order coupon cups for you business:

Ease of Use for Promotions. Rather than giving out paper slips or counting on stickers which may fall off the cups before they reach the customer, these printed coupon cups make promotions a breeze as there is no risk or losing the hidden message unless the cup itself is lost. It's also easier to make sure each and every customer is given their fair chance at the prize, assuming they order an item served in one of the coupon cups.

Simplicity of Design. You won't have to figure out a way to incorporate the coupon's message into the design on the cup. Instead, you can keep the original design and add the perforated box that can contain anything you wish to inform the customer about. The designs don't have to be related, so you don't have to stress about how to change your normal design for cups in order to accommodate the new promotional materials.

Advertising Benefits. When you place the coupons onto the cups directly it is possible that customers will retain the cups for longer in order to take advantage of the benefits gained by the coupons. This can cause more people to come in contact with the cup bearing your business logo and name, creating exposure for you. Additionally, if you are running a contest requiring the collection of specific coupons you may cause customers to talk to each other about your products and encourage the purchase of more products in order to win a reward.

Ideas For Creative Uses

These hidden boxes on the coupon cups give you so many options for use. They are excellent for use in contests or promotions which require some secrecy or mystery, but there are also many other creative ways you could use them. Some simple ideas are:

Designs on Children's Products. Kids can be one of the driving factors when it comes to choosing a place to get food or drinks. If you offer something that is appealing to children, you may be able to attract families to your business or add an extra sale of a children's product when the family is already there. You might create a design behind the perforated box that a child would enjoy peeling away the top to see. These images could be holiday-oriented, displaying kid-friendly pictures of monsters during Halloween or Santa Claus during Christmas, or they could be themed towards your business.

Special Messages to the Customer. In the same way that Chinese restaurants give out fortune cookies, your business can give a special message behind each peel-away section of the coupon cups. You could give an encouraging message, a fun fact, a silly joke, or anything else that might make your cups unique. This kind of use can generate buzz about your business as people share and compare their messages, giving you a word-of-mouth advertising campaign that focuses on your special quality.

Tailored Promotions. You could advertise specific promotions, offers, etc. on the different cups or make them universal. For example, you could choose to make coupons for food only available on beverage cups and coupons for beverages only available on food cups. This encourages customers to try different menu items and also allows them to enjoy their current product more with an additional side. Alternatively, if you placed food coupons on food items and beverage coupons on beverages you might encourage a second visit from the same customer who would then buy an item to go with their reward item.

Whatever you choose to communicate to your customers, Printed Paper Cups' coupon cups can be one of the best ways to accomplish it with minimal hassle and stress. Choose this product to get your message across in the most subtle, yet exciting way you can!


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