100% UK Branded Coffee Cups

A report published by Allegra Strategies, an industry analyst, on Tuesday, eighth July 2014, reveals that British high streets are enjoying significant economic and social benefits attracted by the rise of branded and independent coffee shops.

The report was based on a research done on a sample of over 2,000 consumers and local businesses, and it states that the presence of coffee shops typically boost high street foot fall and pushes the economy by 2 to 4%. This. as per report is due to a combination of foot fall and dwell time, which in English means, people flock around coffee shops and amble around, and thus increasing the chance of entering the other businesses. People tend to spend more time on a street where there are coffee shops in abundance, and the branded coffee shops can increase footfall by 28%.

The key finds they have noted are:

  1. Coffee shops have a highly positive impact on local businesses: "58% of local businesses interviewed mentioned that they thought coffee shops attract more people to their ( the coffee shop's ) business, an increase on 38% in 2010, while 43% of local businesses were positive about the contribution of coffee shops to their ( the local business') individual trading."
  2. Coffee shops have an important regenerative effect: 85% of local businesses interviewed agreed that coffee shops improve the viability of the local area, an increase on 76% in 2010.
  3. Coffee shops play a major role in driving people to the high streets instead of the shopping centers: "58% of consumers surveyed had planned to visit coffee shops as part of their trip to the high street. Furthermore, 18% of consumers visited the high street primarily to go to the coffee shop."
  4. Coffee shops are essential to the health of British high streets: "95% of consumers interviewed feel that coffee shops improve the vitality of the local area."
  5. Coffee Shops are increasingly becoming neighbourhood hubs : more and more people are choosing coffee houses as a place that fosters community feeling, "85% of consumers state that coffee shops have a valuable role in the local community, an increase from 77% in 2010." 

Jeffrey Young, managing director, Allegra Strategies, said: “The report illustrates that coffee shops are helping high streets to evolve away from over-reliance on outdated retail models to embrace the demands of a more experience-led British consumer. Coffee shops offer much more than just refreshment, providing a space for community events and mobile working, while boosting local employment opportunities.”

Jason Cotta, managing director, Costa Retail UK and committee member of the Future High Streets Forum, said: “Coffee shops have effectively become more than just a place to enjoy a hot drink. They play an integral role in terms of the social and economic development of the high street; from employment opportunities to providing friendly community meeting hubs. As a panel member of the Future High Streets Forum, we have been working closely with local councils to revive and develop their high streets. I welcome the findings of this report which reinforces the role of coffee shops in driving footfall to the high street, as well as helping to improve the viability of the area.”


So tell us now, who was thinking that their coffee shop won't grow? start promoting right now, make the most of the sunshine days of coffee culture in UK.


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