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Printed Paper Cups and the Importance of Coffee after 10 AM - How Branded Coffee Cups can change our lives

A significant number of people prefer taking their first cup of coffee in the morning. Many people get out of bed and go directly to the kitchen to get their cup filled before doing anything else, while others take their drink on their way to work. It is for sure that we all want to get to our job places looking sharp and ready for the day, and coffee always seems to offer more than a solution. On the contrary, there is a new study that confirms the earlier research that you need to take your coffee after 10 am for you to optimize the effect of coffee in our body. 



The Stimulation results of coffee and greater after 10 am. 

The traditional habit of taking coffee immediately after bed could be a waste of times. In a study that was done by a bed and sleep specialist Time4Sleep, disapproves of the norm of taking coffee, proving that it is more advisable to drink your coffee four hours after waking up. This research was supported by the fact that the levels of cortisol hormone closely associate the functionally of caffeine. Low blood glucose concentration and stress trigger the production of cortisol. It has an essential role in our bodies such as metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, and also increases blood sugar. In short, this hormone helps your body to stay alert. 

During the day, the levels of cortisol will vary in all humans. The production is at its peak between half an hour to two hours after getting up. Caffeine tends to imitate the effect of cortisol by enabling someone to be sharp. For this reason, taking a cup of coffee when the cortisol levels are high, reduces the stimulation effect of caffeine. By 10 am, the cortisol levels will have dropped in many people, making this time the most conducive period to enjoy your coffee. However, according to health experts, different people respond differently to the effect of caffeine. For some people, it can last for as little as two hours while for other, the results stretch to ten hours. 

Coffee is the perfect remedy for people working on a shift system. 

By nature, all humans are directed by a 24-hour hormonal cycle referred to as the circadian clock. Our genes have the potential to program the fundamental biological rhythms, which is significantly influenced by sunlight. The time you wake up determines your cortisol peak time. People who get out of bed at 6:30 am, have their peak between 8-9am, 12-1 pm, and 5:30-6:30 pm. The best time for this group of people to take coffee to maximize on the use of caffeine is 9:30-11:30, and 1:30-5pm. 

The timings will differ with the changes in shifts. People who wake up earlier or later have a distinct peak. The circadian clock will change for those working on night shift and ones with irregular sleep pattern. The simple math of addition and subtraction adjusts the changes. For instance, if you wake up three hours earlier, subtract three hours from the state times and if you are waking up later, add the time difference to get your appropriate time to take your coffee. Some scholarly works have proved that working on shifts can adversely affect someone because of the irregular sleep patterns. Those working on shift are usually affected by sleepiness, fatigue, trouble focusing, poor decision making, and slower reaction to time. 

Working on shift has other social challenges such as interference of personal relationships and finding it hard to settle in life. The stimulation of coffee is regarded as a remedy to the problems faced by people who work on shift. Scholars have concluded that the caffeine in coffee can help workers to remain vigilant on the job which significantly reduces cognitive mistakes resulting in injuries. 

Coffee is a necessity at the workplace. 

Research and studies have categorically outlined the invaluable benefits coffee have to the human body. For example, it is associated with reduction or cancer risk by 20%, not to forget type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease by 30%, also a 5% reduction of heart diseases. By sequestering the free radicals, coffee is an excellent source of a natural oxidant and has a superb ability to help repair damaged DNA. The beverage can additionally mitigate stress associated by inflammation not to leave out its capability in regulating insulin and blood sugar. These benefits of coffee can be inferred to reduce the mortality rate and promote healthy leaving among its consumers. It is therefore advisable the people take at least four cups of coffee on a daily basis.

Coffee has gained prestige and class in the contemporary world and is mostly associated with the working class. As a stimulant, coffee keeps people alert during their work, making them more productive irrespective of the shift. Taking coffee as a team among the working class improves the overall team spirit and coordination as by the findings of MIT. Another benefit of coffee among employees was discovered by the National Institute for Health, which concluded that prevent pain in those performing strenuous computer tasks. 

Coffee consumption is common among marketing/ PR professionals, scientist/ lab technicians, writer/editors, education and healthcare administrators. Apart from strengthening the willpower, the beverages aids in self-control in areas involving a lot of movement in which exhaustion is likely to happen, as a result reducing risks of poor judgment or giving in to fatigue and pressure. The drink does improve not only mental and cognitive abilities but also physical roles; hence those doing manual work can also benefit from taking coffee. 

Getting your coffee brewed in the office.

With the improvement and availability of technology, you can have your preferred coffee from your office. Most offices are currently equipped with vending machines that can make you your coffee of choice. The innovation is improving, and the smart vending machine will give a whole new exciting experience. 
For the conservatives who still prefer the freshly brewed coffee on their desk as they go through their daily work, things are just getting more interesting. By embracing technology, baristas can deliver a eliminate any variation in taste between different distributions of the same product. freshly prepared cup of coffee at your doorstep by clicking on the app. The delivery is usually fast enough and doesn't become a hindrance to the taste of freshly brewed coffee.


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