100% UK Branded Coffee Cups


We are a small island, and there is only enough space for as many coffee shops as we already have, although reports indicate that the number of new coffee shops are increasing in thousands each year.

This is good new or bad news, we are not to judge, but the fact remains that, when there is an ever increasing density of coffee shops, the cost of setting shop is bound to sky rocket soon, if not already hovering up there. In this situation, many are considering a different mode of hawking their stuff, vending quality coffee from takeaway vending vans.

The startup cost, the number of licenses and permits required, the coverage worries, everything is much less when you plan to use a coffee vending van.

Printed Paper Cups finds Wilkinsons brand of coffee mobile vans quite gorgeous and useful. Take a look at their vans on offer and they seem to be offering good financing too.